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Because of our position in the construction industry, we have been able to observe how other contractors operate from the inside out. We have found many projects to be littered with situations where there was not enough documentation, not enough communication, loyalty and Integrity were waning, generals - through deceptive practices - were padding their wallets with clients’ money, contractors were spreading themselves too thin and not giving dedicated attention and energy to their clients . . . and the list goes on and on!

CASEY Construction stepped up to the plate to fill an ever growing need for a West Virginia Commercial Construction Company that has genuine affection for its clients! We raised the bar and set standards of our own to meet and exceed what every customer deserves.

There are other very good and honest contractors out there….so what separates CASEY Construction from the others?

Well, several things but to name a couple, we will deliver you a complete estimate line item by line item along with our proposal. This is our true estimate and not an estimate that we have doctored for your presentation. We will continue to share this type of “open book” management through project completion.

We will give you money back! That’s right, GIVE YOU MONEY BACK! Every Contractor allows for a certain amount of Contingency on every project. This contingency can run from as low as 1% to as high as 6% depending on the project. Wouldn't you like some of that money back?

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